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November 25, 2015

Used to manufacture many everyday products, petrochemicals play an important role in keeping American companies growing each year. Some of the products petrochemicals are used in include electronics, furniture, appliances, automobiles, and much more. In addition to consumer products, petrochemicals play an important role in keeping people safe from harm. Used in much of today’s high-tech body armor worn by police officers and military personnel, it’s also found in equipment used by firefighters and other first responders. And as an added bonus, petrochemicals also play a pivotal role in alternative energy sources, since they are used in the production of solar power panels as well as wind turbines.

The Versatility of Petrochemicals
What has made petrochemicals so popular with a variety of industries over the years has been their versatility. Viewed as some of the most essential raw materials in today’s world, they are so important to the United States economy that if petrochemical manufacturers were not operating in America, hundreds of thousands of jobs would disappear and the petrochemicals needed for American manufacturing would need to be imported from overseas. In fact, petrochemicals are such a big part of the national and international economy that virtually any item that is being used by a person probably has some elements of petrochemicals in it. For example, if a person is talking on a smartphone, reading an electronic book on a tablet, or working at a desktop computer, chances are the product contains petrochemicals.

Harinder Jalli is the Founder and President of AMERITX

November 24, 2015

Harinder Jalli is the Founder and President of AMERITX and has developed an advanced understanding of how international business works. He is also extremely familiar with the global chemicals and energy industries. For the past three decades, Harinder Jalli has served in a number of senior leadership and management positions in a number of fields. This includes working in fields like sales, trading, marketing, strategic planning, finance, mergers and acquisitions, production, engineering, and research at a multi-billion dollar global manufacturer and an international trading company.

Harinder Jalli has been able to conceive of, and then structure, a number of multimillion-dollar long-term joint ventures and agency agreements over the years. These deals demonstrated his acumen for creating long-lasting and profitable relationships with other parties as it involved negotiations and interaction with high level executives with global corporations and senior government officials in numerous countries. Harinder Jalli is not intimidated by big moments or large personalities.

On numerous occasions, Harinder Jalli has served as a speaker or moderator at world petrochemical conferences. These gatherings are intended as a way to network and exchange information and Harinder Jalli always seeks to create a dialogue with his colleagues in the industry. Jalli is widely respected within the industry, as he is recognized as a leading expert in petrochemicals and one of the foremost authorities on Methanol. For many years now, Harinder Jalli has been involved with the development of the global natural gas industry and its various derivatives. Methanol is a field he is extremely experienced with because of his experience in the industry helping to develop ventures. He was involved with the start up and global marketing of the Ocelot Industries’ methanol plant in Kitimat, Canada. This was the plant that would later evolve into Methanex, which is today a billion dollar company that is publicly-traded.